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What is Cloud4PBX?

A cloud-based PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a telecommunication (phone) system that delivers advanced calling features and unified communications using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology. Since cloud PBX systems are hosted by service provider platforms, this eliminates costly on-premise infrastructure, hardware, installation, and maintenance. 

When compared to traditional landlines or legacy systems, Cloud4PBX solutions give businesses much greater flexibility, scalability, and reliability. This also serves to make them much more affordable. With a Cloud4PBX solution, only an internet connection is needed to make and receive calls, send messages, conference, and work from anywhere.

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Why switch to Cloud4PBX?

Savings of up to over 60% can often be experienced by utilizing Cloud4PBX compared to traditional systems. No more watching your most essential tools continue to compound your cost of doing business!

Cloud4PBX offers a complete, enterprise-level communication solution including voice, conferencing, call routing, and unlimited calling nationwide. More and more robust features are constantly being added to this amazing platform.

Your company’s calls and functions are managed in real-time on Cloud4PBX’s cutting-edge service platform. Soft-phone (software as a telephone via computer) integration allows you to “cut the cord” from traditional PBX providers. VoIP phones are also available (ready to use out of the box).
Say goodbye to restrictions placed on your growth and scalability based on system limitations. The powerful Cloud4PBX platform is as flexible as your business needs to be. Conduct business wherever you choose.

With Cloud4PBX, time-consuming software
updates and expensive licensing are things of the past. Our platform is always kept up-to-date
with the latest upgrades and enhancements at no additional costs to you! Our support team
allows your IT/support efforts to focus on your business priorities.

Geographically redundant data center architecture provides our platform with 99.999% up-time. Cloud4PBX provides 24/7 system monitoring and support. Your communication services don’t stop, so your business doesn’t have to either!

Cloud4PBX Enterprise-grade Features

Aside from porting over existing business phone numbers to the Cloud4PBX platform, additional phone numbers can be chosen in any area code your business needs. All lines are effortlessly managed by platform support. Toll-free numbers are also available to enhance your professional branding.
Cloud4PBX allows unlimited calling in the US and Canada (included in your subscription). International calls are also provided at amazingly low rates.
Platform users can enjoy working right from IOS and Android phones, as well. Robust functionality of the platform integrates mobiles phones with many features available for convenience.
Incoming calls are easily routed and navigated with simple menus in order to reach the desired person or department. Example: “Press 1 for Sales. Press 2 for Accounts”, etc.
Inbound calls can be routed appropriately based on rep availability, holidays, business hours, etc. Additionally, call ques can be set to help handle more incoming calls while customers may wait on hold until their call can be taken
HD quality audio and video conferencing capabilities allow attendees the convenience to collaborate from their devices. Cloud4PBX makes reliable conferencing easy.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) automated technology allows incoming callers to access information via a voice response system (pre-recorded messages) without having to speak to an agent. It is also to utilize menu options via touch tone keypad selection or speech recognition to have their call routed to specific departments or specialists.

This feature helps the customer’s hold experience be both productive, helpful, and more bearable!

Cloud4PBX vs. On-Site PBX

Is Cloud4PBX right for you? Here’s how we compare to on-site systems.

Function Cloud4PBX On-Site PBX/system

Initial Costs

None / minimal
High: costs in hardware and install

Ongoing Costs

Monthly user costs

Maintenance, upgrades, IT, and licensing


Easy to scale up or down

Limited - Requires purchasing hardware and install



Owned and managed onsite


Not needed

Performed in-house by IT staff


Quick setup, phones auto-provision

Complex, lengthy deployment, and expense


99.999% uptime with redundancy

Single point of failure risks


Full functionality on mobile devices

Limited capabilities when mobile


Regular platform updates

Limited to installed hardware and programming.


Numerous app integrations

Minimal integration options


VoIP phone service

Traditional PSTN lines

Call Quality

Excellent quality with low latency nationwide

Good quality only near workplace


Enterprise-grade through provider

Maintained in-house


Online portal, provider tech team

In-house PBX management


24/7 live customer support

In-house IT support

Does your business utilize Microsoft Teams?

Add seamless, stable cloud calling with our latest MS Teams integration.